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TNC leaders mentors their people to not only practice good business skills to customers but also to the internal management system. The management core values are the foundation of who and what we represent.


Safety Environment

Creating a safe and healthy environment is our number one priority protecting our employees, customers, and the local communities.

Principles of Trust and Integrity

The core principle is to have respect for others the way others deserve to be respected. Employees who displays integrity in the workplace urge an open discussion and effective communication between their jobs and themselves.
These two core characteristics are the foundation for a cohesive team and successful business relationships.

Work Field as Play Field

Nurturing an environment in the belief of "work as play" principle delivers an idea of a professional yet enjoyable workplace for individuals to mature.
The varieties of company's activities involving more challenges, responsibilities, covering lateral jobs, and consistently learning from each other has led the employees to get use to practicing the standard of decision making and delegations. With the essence of this belief, we strive to maximize all talents providing both benefit not only to individuals but also to company.

Ethical Standards

To always uphold highest ethical conduct standards in compliance with the written laws and maintaining management decisions transparency.
By implementing these four principles, TNC actively practices positive working ethic to seek further improvements in the era of globalization.

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