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Polyester Film

PET Film

PET Film

PET Film ( Polyethylene Terephthalate Film ) is utilized in a wide range of applications namely as a process releasing sheet. The application covers extensive applications for garment and industrial uses such as Fiberglass Reinforced for Roofing sheets, plywood, wood protection finishing and interior doorway factory.

PET Film can bond itself to other substrates such as steel, paper, aluminum foil and PVC; bonded by certain range of temperature of heat and pressure depending on the industrial application. It is also chemically bonded itself to other resins namely unsaturated polyester and a primer for the conventional polyester adhesive systems.

Our PET film type ranges from the normal film of highly transparent texture of glossy or matte (doff) usually utilized conventionally/ or hand-lay-up and heat-sealable film. The thickness ranging from 12 – 75micron.

• Release Applications
• Labels Overlay
• Stamping Foil
• Membrane Switches 
• Color Proofing
• Printing

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