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Vision and Mission TNC Kimia Raya
PT. TNC Kimia Raya is a dedicated chemical trading company. Owned and operated by the partners who have been in their expertise in chemical industry for more than 30 years, the company continues to expand and currently managed to be the respected and reliable pillar of Indonesia´s chemical distributor that excels in specialty chemicals.

TNC chemicals is entrusted to be principle distributor of well-distinguished companies that stretches across Asia to Europe namely Korea, China, Germany and Taiwan. The company´s core specialty products focuses on specialty chemicals materials supplying to most of manufacturing industries; fiberglass, coating, textile, cables and plastics, and ETC. With the expertise the partners´ have, the company never cease to passionately drive innovations to meet human essentials by also maintaining strong business partnership both domestic and internationally.

Cohesive and committed team, strong business ethics, strong worldwide connections and the loyalty of our customers sustain TNC Chemicals´ competitive advantage to continuously expand and develop more long-term valued customers.



To be the first choice of Indonesia´s reliable organization who is able to meet the needs of the industrial chemical market with the right quality and at the right time.


Employees Satisfaction

To always foster a work environment where employees´ quality of life is enriched thus cohesiveness and productivity are displayed.


Supporting customers with new values and solutions, developing customers´ rigorous demand and maintain their reliability to create a life-time valued customers.


To constantly expand both of the strong domestic and international network to widen the valued relationship globally.

Maximize Values Performance

To persistently maintain key of success and key management values to increase productivity both individuals and the company.

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