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Anatase Type

Decorative paper

Decorative paper

With the current increasing development, the high cost bulky solid wood furniture market had some been switched to layers of decorative papers which truly becomes universally well-known in the market. These overlay wood paper provides low costs and yet able to portray beautiful and smooth surface. 
TNC’s decorative papers are commonly used for plywood industries as secondary layered purposes, furniture, flooring, kitchen cabinet, doors, and the like. With the updated designs, the raw white paper is adopted from Japan directly which then be patterned in Taiwan accordingly. Machines are adopted from German for the high tech speed printing which provides high quality foil and smooth texture. The durability and strength particularly well suited for applications.

Heat Sealable Polyester Film


PET Film

PET Film

PET Film ( Polyethylene Terephthalate Film ) is utilized in a wide range of applications namely as a process releasing sheet. The application covers extensive applications for garment and industrial uses such as Fiberglass Reinforced for Roofing sheets, plywood, wood protection finishing and interior doorway factory.

PET Film can bond itself to other substrates such as steel, paper, aluminum foil and PVC; bonded by certain range of temperature of heat and pressure depending on the industrial application. It is also chemically bonded itself to other resins namely unsaturated polyester and a primer for the conventional polyester adhesive systems.

Our PET film type ranges from the normal film of highly transparent texture of glossy or matte (doff) usually utilized conventionally/ or hand-lay-up and heat-sealable film. The thickness ranging from 12 – 75micron.

• Release Applications
• Labels Overlay
• Stamping Foil
• Membrane Switches 
• Color Proofing
• Printing

Releasable Polyester Film

(Glossy and Doff)

Rutile Type



Silane is colorless, which acts as a crosslinking agent and as an adhesion promoter for compound and polymer. It is generally utilized in polymerization process for several industrial and medical applications. 

• Vinyl Trimetoxy Silane
• Methacryloxy And Mercapto
• Acrylic Silane
• Oxime
• Amino
• Acetoxy
• Expoxy
• Alkoxy 
• Vinyl

• Hard Coatings 
  (Glass, Glassfiber, Copper Foil, Steel Plate)
• Pipe Industries 
• Cables Industries
• Synthetic Resin
• Plastic & Rubber
• Silicone Sealant
• Coating



• Rubber Industries 
• Plastics Industries
• Tire Polishing
• Plywood Industries

Silicone Emulsion

Another type is Silicone Emulsion. It is widely utilized as a release agent for rubber, plywood and plastic, shine for tires, water repellent, and lubricant, for the household industries. This silicone emulsion provides firm character in which the concentrations/properties comprised inside are well made of.

Silicone Oil

Primarily used as released agent, antifoam, known for its good stability, weather resistance, defoaming effect, and many other functions; silicone oil is utilized in a variety of ways in different scopes of activities and industries namely chemical, medical, automotive, textile, aerospace and consumer goods.

Silicone Sealant

Silicone Sealant

Silicone Sealants act as a sealer for even the tiniest to the hardest solid matter substrates and act as a form of bonding agent for two different matters. 

TNC Sealants are used in wide range of industries covering industrial assembly, maintenance, building constructions, kitchen and sanitary applications.

It adheres to glass, some metals, ceramic tiles and the like. The sealants come in the form of disposable plastic cartridges and sausages.

• Repairing
• Plumbing
• Installations
• Gap-Filling
• Glazing
• Molding
• Structural Bonding

Silicone Softener

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide commonly known as TiO2 is the oxide of titanium. It is often used for its characteristics of a bright, white pigment. For century titanium dioxide has an vital role for range of industrial products. 

TNC’s titanium dioxide is available in rutile type, namely used in industrial applications including paints, coatings, plastics & masterbatch, roofing materials, interior and exterior coating, adhesives, ink production and the like. 

They all suited both water based and solvent based applications, ranging from a maximum-durability grade (plastics-grade) to the multi-purpose rutile comes with the form of composite bag ranging from 25kg to 1000kg/bag. 

• Liquid Color
• Ink Applications
• Powder Coatings
• Architectural Exterior Coatings
• Highly Loaded Thermoplastic Masterbatches

UV Heat Sealable Polyester Film

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